[ Foreword ]

This post is dedicated to the anonymous in my
I want to thank you for that numerous occasion for stalking and the countless
supports and advice you gave in my It’s weird and wrong but still,
thanks and you guys are…great…go figure…

[ Your policy of showing emotions ]

At times, people tend to ask me is it better to hide your true feelings or
show it out to be more expressive.

Well, the answer is simple. What is your own thoughts or policy in portraying

I know, sounds all complicated and stuff. But it’s pretty simple.

Show the right emotions at the right time.

Let’s have our first scenario.



Scenario one.

You’re at a funeral, and at that moment, you thought of a very funny incident
that happened awhile back and couldn’t get it out of your mind. You keep chuckling
to yourself and the more you hold it in, the more you want to burst out.



What do i do?

Answer: Excuse yourself and laugh it all out. If you see that dead guy in the open casket
and you still can’t stop laughing, please approach a psychologist,
it’s just that necessary for you



Scenario two.

Someone made a very improper joke, causing everyone to be very uncomfortable
and it’s too late to save it which ends in a long awkward pause in the group.

Okayyyy……what do i do?


Answer:  It’s never too late to save shit. Save it with some sarcasm or do something
even more stupid to make the group more uncomfortable. The cycle goes on until
someone jumps off the building because of the overwhelming awkwardness. Yea,
some people goes nuts because of that. Actually, ya know what. Do the second one.
It’s pretty entertaining to see your friend 
pull his/her hair out.


phoebsstop the madness



Scenario Three.

Say one day you sent a very wrong text to someone you’re not close with but you see him/her every other day. And that text was the deciding factor for that person to deem
humanity as the world’s solution to solving all problems and you ruined it.
You’ve ruined it. Bad.


If your reaction is “Oh god…I sent those before…what do I do. TELL MEEE NOW!!”


Firstly….duuuuuuuude… why were you even sending such things.. but…


Okay, and now, chill your vegetables Einstein.


Answer: You can either, hide yourself in eternity inside a dark shallow cave and never
text anyone again (probably get your own issues checked out first..) or basically
just blatantly tell that person to embrace that humour because,c’mon,
it takes balls to send those text and it takes twice the balls to be proud of it.





And yea, that basically sums up the few scenarios that I could think of! If you guys want
more scenarios, do drop your ideas in my ya? 🙂


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