[ Tribute ]

To others, it may seem subtle.
To some, it may be deemed as epiphany.


Every innocuous details about you suddenly seem full of meaning and malice.

That cold hard stare brings me to a halt
as I race through my million thoughts

Every detail I ever hope for, wish for
is right at my door.

But I know. I got to play this right. 

My last chance. My last dance.

There are these poems growing inside of me
poems of sadness and rage

If i ever attempted to write them all down
they would burn right through the page

But i know this will be the last one

And the next one will be a long story.
But starts with a different morning

With you.

Honestly, I really don’t expect a lot.

I don’t need someone to be at my calling everyday every time.
I don’t need someone to be be lavish and all about luxury.
I don’t need someone that has to tell me where’s her whereabouts and whatnot.

All I ever ever wish for is a simple relationship filled with love. And when I say love, I’m all about it.

I want to hug her.
I want to surprise her.
I want to bring her breakfast in bed.
I want to hold her waist and dance to our favourite swing song.


I want to pamper her after a long hard day at work.
I want to bring her a cup of lemon ginger tea in bed when she’s sick.
I want to ease her bruise if she twisted her ankle, not too hard, but gently.
I want to tell her some silly joke to take her mind off her work and problems.
I want to show her how much I love her in any ways that I can.

I like challenges, but not empty chores.

I’ve been through the hardest challenges to court a girl that leaves me a hollow empty shell.

I can do everything within my efforts for someone who is willing to spend the life together.
But just assure me, that the end, it will be worth it.
Because all I wish is that, all I’ve done, is just for us.
Not wasted.
Not for show.
But because a simple ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you’.

I hardly told anyone all these because I was embarrassed.

I thought these are just dreams, empty thoughts, a fair tale you tell yourself that you will find that perfect girl.

And how I wish that after my two years of serving the nation,
I can really proudly say that, you know what, I’ve found her.
And man, I’m going to love her so much.

And when our kids ask, all we can begin with is
“Kids, you have no idea how our love story starts”

[ Instinct ]

Perhaps at some point of your live you have met someone who has the exact interests as you.
Well, for me, it’s a first and it’s pretty exhilarating.
But, I had to hide it. Can’t let her know the weird disco side of me yet.

She was the kind of girl that brings intelligence with her speech
even though sometimes she say things that makes you wanna strangle her

She’s like the perfect girl next door,
except that you want to give her a hug and protect her whenever she passes by

And I’ve always thought my interests had died
in this fast-paced, internet abusive sensational modern era

But when I realised what I loved was in her,
you have no idea how difficult it was to contain my excitement.

(1 of the Top 10 hardest thing I have to do. ever.)

And it’s those little things she has that kept my attention on her that whole day.


1) She can be real passionate about the things she cares about

2) She has this ‘attitude’ whereby its between bitchy and zesty cool kinda thing

3) She has the smoothest way of beating around the bushes and hiding in it, but hey, I still got ’em! (*obviously lying to myself on this*)

And by now I was like, okay, try not to look obsessed with her and everything about her.
Do something to change the subject.
and i’m pretty sure I looked like that at some point..

4)Her laughter is pretty contagious, and it’s that kind of laughter you would wanna do anything
just to hear it again (okay, maybe just me. I’m weird like that.)


5) And she has these traits and character values that really makes you go awww…can i keep you and wuv you and feed you everyday for you to be wif me pwetty pwease?

6) And when we talk about our similar interests and how much she loves them. I seriously couldn’t take it. I was like “fuck, we should have met sooner. we be fat and married and happy by now.”

7) One thing that struck me most about her is her eyes. I tend to look people in the eyes a lot, because it shows more feeling than facial expressions… yea, i’m one of those… and her eyes are really really…..beautiful.. i think.. more of her stares actually…just captivating

I’m not kidding. I went like this within the first 20 minutes when we met

And if I were to change any of my life to get to know her sooner, it’d be a fast decision.
Is it okay to change your name for her?
Is it okay to not like the colour blue for her?
Is it okay to not listen to rock songs anymore for her?


Is it okay to give up chocolate and pizza for her? Sure, not at a-…. wait, nah, those things are precious.

And the whole time I wanted to look cool and composed like

But from her looks, I can tell she was like

Guys, I swear, you know when we talk about our idea woman but whoever comes by
tends to be a little different?



Well, I don’t. She’s really that particular character that I hoped for,
that particular personality that I want to linger with.

And all I could say at the end of that is

But I couldn’t. Not the right time i guess.

Nevertheless, i knew i got home and just went speechless.
Mainly because I never met someone who had the exact same interest as me
Yes….it struck me sooooo hard

But wow, if this ever works out, it’d definitely be like

Still, really, I’m willing to work anything for this if it’s ever possible


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